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The Ultimate Guide to Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC v6.13 Final Patch - [SH]

instead of making lightroom 5.7 faster, smarter and more stable, adobe has decided to push people towards using the latest version of photoshop. psd touch, a new feature of photoshop cc that is part of the new release, will be a good fit for those people, but not for the rest of us. i already tried the new psd touch and it sucks. it is not ready for production and adobe should have waited for photoshoppers feedback before pushing it out the door.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC v6.13 Final Patch - [SH] free download


if you still want lightroom, you can download the latest version 6.13 from adobe. if you must use lightroom 5.7, you should at least install the latest update, even if you dont want to use psd touch. in all these updates, adobe has increased the size of the software by about 2.5 times.

adobe has decided to use a lot of javascript in order to deliver products faster. instead of spending a few days making a solid version of lightroom, adobe decided to spend a few hours making a demo version of the product. a demo version that has all sorts of limitations in place. it can be skipped without any problem or any notification. it only shows you a subset of what is in lightroom.

this is fine for the people who will never actually use lightroom, but for those of us who have a full version installed at home, the demo version gives us a really poor experience, even more so when we have a plug-in that is not available in the demo version. to make matters worse, lightroom 6.13, like most other recent adobe products, has a javascript pop-up blocker that prevents you from seeing the pictures in your catalog.


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