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Little Mix Most Hilarious Moments On-Stage

Little Mix girls Perrie Edwards, Leigh-Anne Pinnock and Jade Thirlwall joined us as we took a trip down memory lane, as the singers watched and discussed some of their most iconic moments as a band throughout their 10-year career.

Little Mix Most Hilarious Moments On-Stage

Don Rickles is a rare comic who found his voice by actually ignoring his material. In the late Forties, the man also known as "Mr. Warmth" and the "Merchant of Venom" discovered that his audiences connected more to the ad-libs he used to shut down hecklers than the jokes he'd written. Since then, the quick, sharp and unpredictable Rickles has plowed into his audiences, picking up on cues large and small and delivering little barbs ("It's over, I'm a friend") to his targets. Eventually, his wicked wit hit their most important target in Frank Sinatra, who championed the comedian to famous friends and got him started in Vegas. With that wide, jack-o-lantern mug and a torrent of rapid-fire gags, Rickles created a template that insult comics have referred to since the 1950s. This is how you do it right, hockey pucks.

Clutching himself to himself, the Matty Healy of Being Funny aims to be earnest, to open up in a way that he insists only love can make him do. In these songs, though, he mostly remains alone inside memories, fantasies, dreamed-up dialogues. This is an album about breakups, equal parts wistful and fatalistic; that part of Healy's current art is apparently autobiographical, since he recently ended a two-years-plus long relationship with his fellow millennial pop protagonist, FKA twigs. But it also articulates an existential stance. There's a name for the kind of guy Healy tells us he is within these deceptively blithe ballads and dance floor burners; it's one that's suited rock stars like him, with their disheveled charisma and well-annotated little black books, for years. Critiquing masculinity while maintaining his position within the enduring hierarchies that put those bad boys on top, he's the one you love to roll your eyes at. He's a dirtbag, baby, in a long line of antiheroes who interrogate the shapes of male privilege from the inside, even as they benefit from its persistence.

Yep, ordinarily when pop stars discuss their most awkward on-stage moments, it's saying the wrong place name, forgetting a lyric or a wardrobe malfunction that springs to mind. But when Jade opened up on the subject, it was the time she literally s**t herself which she cared to share. 041b061a72


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