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Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS/Wii UMade by: NintendoPlatform(s): 3DS and Wii U- [3DS and Wii U] Size-changing items from previous SSB games return in this one. The Super Mushroom, Poison Mushroom, and Lightning Bolt all act exactly as they did in previous games, including the Lightning Bolt sometimes enlarging your opponents bigger than a Super Mushroom would. Jigglypuff also keeps her Final Smash from SSBB, where she grows to an immense size, pushing her opponents out of the way in the process. Modes to have all the characters either giant or tiny return as well. One of the new items is the Steel Diver, a greatly miniaturized version of the submarines from the 3DS game of the same name. The Steel Diver can shoot homing missiles at your opponent. [Cubed Cinder]- [Wii U] Only in the console version of the game is a stage based on the 'Gamer' minigame of Game & Wario (another Wii U retail release). All the characters are tiny and battling in a bedroom, and on occasion the giant Mom (named 5-Volt) will appear from behind the door or even through the TV. If a character is caught in 5-Volt's line of sight, she becomes very angry and zaps the player out of the arena. [Cubed Cinder]- [3DS] Exclusive to the 3DS version of the game is the Smash Run mode, where you spend 5 minutes running around a giant stage gathering up items to power up for character for the final battle. When the final battle arrives, a match with randomly chosen special rules is generated. Two of these matches involve size-changing: Mega Smash where all characters are enlarged as if they touched a Super Mushroom, and Mushroom Smash where only Super Mushrooms and Poison Mushrooms spawn. [DekuDave5]- [Wii U] Exclusive to the Wii U version of the game is Smash Tour mode, where you play as a Mii running around a game board gathering characters and items for Smash battles. The list of Smash battles is almost the same as onSmash Run Final battles, except some events are completely taken out, while Home-Run Contest, and Target Blast are new additions, but WAIT, there's more! =D One chance of a Smash Battle happening is a Mega Smash (everyone giant!), or a Transformation Smash (with items such as Super Mushroom, Super Leaf, Bunny Hood, etc.). Ah yes, if playing Smash Tour with Custom Fighters as On, there will always be a chance of getting a character with a random costume (it even includes to play as one of the 4 female Villagers) and random special attacks, otherwise, as Off, they'll only appear with their first and standard color and standard special attacks. The last and most important thing on Smash Tour, in my opinion, is the possibility of using a Super Mushroom red trophy on the character that is about to fight, which means, if I have Peach, for example, as my next fighter to fight (as indicated by being the closest icon to the Mii, and with a colored square around the character), and it is Mega Smash, I'll use the Super Mushroom immediately and crush everyone XDAlso, if you have 4 items on Smash Tour, the one on the farthest side of the player will be replaced by the next item the player gets each turn. [DekuDave5]- [Wii U] Returning from previous SSB games is Event Match, where you have to complete certain scenarios. One such event is named 'The Demon King and the Goddess.' You play as Ganondorf and battle against Link & Zelda. After you defeat them, Giant Palutena appears, and you have to defeat her to complete the Event. Nice to see a giantess appear in an Event since Melee's Girl Power. Another event with GTS is a Co-op only event named 'Mirror Magic.' One player plays as Lucina and the other as Ike, and they're both metal and gigantic. The event is won by only defeating Ganondorf. [Skull13]- [Wii U] During Luigi's ending video that plays when you clear either Classic or All-Star Modes with him, a brief clip shows Luigi running away from a giant-sized Wii Fit Trainer, who is laying on her stomach and looking at him.Screencap from Cubed. [18forever]- [Wii U] During Palutena's ending video that plays when you clear either Classic or All-Star Modes with her, a brief clip shows the goddess giant-sized and looking at Pit, standing carelessly on a nearby platform.Screencap from Cubed. [18forever and Skull13]- [Wii U] Exclusive to the Wii U version of the game are Special Orders, special challenges that are issued by either Master Hand or Crazy Hand. OnMaster Orders, there's a chance that one of these tickets says the player character will start on Giant size for the remainder of the battle (and it's possible to switch characters and then select that ticket).- Also, there's a chance that a ticket makes all of the charactersGiant,- or very rarely, the opponent will be Giant instead.- There's also a chance that a ticket will say all of the opponents will be Tiny in the start instead of the player. On Crazy Orders, the player selects one of the 3 Crazy Hand tickets, and there's a good chance that a ticket is a Giant Battle, however, from battle 10 onward, all Giant Battles will feature no allies, like on Brawl Classic Mode from stage 6 onward). Also, the Crazy Order battles get tougher as the player progresses in. [DekuDave5 and Skull13]- [Wii U] The Diorama feature returns from Brawl in the Wii U version of SSB, where you can take any trophy you've acquired and arrange them in a scene any way you'd like, taking a picture once you're done. Go to Games & More, then Vault, then Trophies, then Hoard, and then tap the blue icon on the lower left of the Gamepad screen to open the Photo Studio. Like before, you can place up to four trophies in one of four different scenes... but now you can change the size of each trophy, making them bigger or smaller. Easy way to make GTS scenarios! [Cubed Cinder]- [Wii U] Bayonetta is one of a few characters you can download as paid DLC. Her Down Smash move, nicknamed Heel Stomp, comes from the original Bayonetta games in which a Wicked Weave takes the form of a giant woman's heeled shoe that stomps down on her enemies. In addition, during her ending video that plays when you clear either Classic or All-Star Modes with her, a brief clip shows her (in her Bayonetta 1 form) towering over three tiny sleeping Pikachu.Screencap from Olga Flow. [Olga Flow and Chris Waters]- [3DS] After beating either the Classic or All-Star mode with any character, the credits will roll, but you can play a mini-game with the character you're using by smashing the blocks that scroll by. Where the blocks were smashed will determine what part of a hidden picture will be revealed. The picture is different depending on the mode and system (3DS or Wii U) you're playing. If you beat the All-Star mode on the 3DS version with Bayonetta, the picture shows two Bayonetta, both taller than usual with one in her Bayonetta 1 form and the other in her Bayonetta 2 form, towering over a dazed Luigi.Screencap from Chris Waters. [Chris Waters]- [3DS] There's a funny glitch in the following Multi Man Smash modes: 10 Man Smash, 100 Man Smash, 3-Minute Multi Man, and Endless.Make sure you are playing as Yoshi and also make sure you are playing on version 1.0.3 or below*. For your final opponent in 10 Man and the 50th opponent in 100 Man, a giant version of one of the characters (on rare occasions one of the female fighters) will show up. Swallow the opponent using Yoshi's special attack and allow her to break out of Yoshi's egg. The opponent will come out bigger than before. The move can be repeated over and over until the character is far too big for the stage! Note that the game always picks the first 'color' set for that character, which means Wendy won't appear at all (it's always Bowser Jr. instead), and the Egg Lay supersize glitch won't be implemented on female Villager A and Female Robin unless it is 2-player Multi-Man smash, with player 2 being Yoshi, and Player 1 being standard male Villager or male Robin. [DekuDave5]

FoxyLand Ativador Download [PC]l

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*If you've downloaded the patch data for version 1.0.4 or above, thereby eliminating the Supersize Glitch and any replays connected to it, there is a way to 'downgrade' the game to the initial version and be able to use the glitch again.If you have only one SD card (the one you're using right now in your 3DS) or you're using the eShop version of the game, go to System Settings from the 3DS's home menu, then Data Management, then Nintendo 3DS, and then Downloadable Content. That is where downloaded update data for all your 3DS games are stored. Tap on the Super Smash Bros. update data and delete it. You can always redownload the patch data from the eShop later.If you have a spare SD card laying around, it's better just to play Super Smash Bros. with that card without any patch data installed, especially since you can keep your replays there with no trouble and not have to worry about managing the huge patch data. Either way you go, the game will warn you about starting up without the patch data and not being able to play online as a result. Accept the message and you'll be on your way.Important notes: - In case you're wondering, it is not possible to play Super Smash Bros. for 3DS without an SD card, because the game will not start at all. DO NOT attempt to find and delete the patch data from a computer. Messing with the SD card's 'Nintendo 3DS' folder on your computer may make your card unreadable in the 3DS until you either restore the missing files or format the card. - You cannot play online without the patch data. - Any DLC you've bought is inaccessible. - And finally, your save data is reset until you restore the patch data onto the SD card. There is a chance that future updates from Nintendo may make save data incompatible between versions much like replays and subject to deletion, so use this 'downgrade' method at your own risk.Images: Super Smash Bros. for 3DS/Wii U screencap gallery (includes guide on taking your own VGGTS shots and how to send them)----Back to top


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