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The newest update for Pet Simulator X was actually just some small tweaks for the game, but also including a double coin event, the ability to open multiple eggs at once, and made enchanting faster. No new Pet Simulator X codes were added with this update.


Pet Simulator X has some of the best events on Roblox, allowing you to get into the season cheer for each holiday and perhaps collect some of the best Huge Pets. The St. Patrick's event brought in a lot of exciting features, including new pets and some quests to complete. If you're feeling lucky, you can hop in and start collecting some Clover Coins. Here's how to complete all the quests and what new pets you can hatch.

This event has three main quests, which are shown in the St. Patrick Event location that you can teleport to using the canon in the Spawn area. There isn't any NPC you have to talk to; instead, each quest is revealed on a door to a branching area of the Event, and completing a quest will grant you access to the area and its eggs. You will have to complete them in order, so here's how:

This is the last quest of the area and probably the hardest of the quests, simply because it requires a random event to occur. The Giant Rainbow event happens randomly in a server but will notify you on the screen when it happens. When you see the prompt for the event, head back to the Spawn area and head toward the buildings on the right side; one has a locked door. The Giant Rainbow spawns here, and you can climb up to the top and start breaking some Clover Pots and Coins. There are also some eggs you can purchase with 5M Clover Coins each. They are expensive, but they also hold more Huge Pets.

Several new pets are included in this event, which you can hatch by using Clover Coins. Head to the St. Patrick Event Island to purchase them from the various areas. Gold versions of these pets are also available but are more expensive. These are all the pets you can get:

These are all the new pets and quests you can find in the St. Patrick's event. Keep up the grind and bring along some friends to try and complete them as quickly as possible. This event brings in some extra luck, so use it while you can get the pets you want. 041b061a72


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