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Rivalia Dungeon Raiders

After using Gold Runes for a few dungeons, the player will accumulate a vast inventory of Materials. After the third level, the player should sell all the Bone Rune and other common Runes they have picked up for Gold which can be used to buy items and for part of the cost to forge better Runes. Each character has Runes to fit their play style to amplify the character's stats as players do in League of Legends. For example, Halmor is an archer who relies primarily on ranged battle; the Crossbowman Rune will increase his projectile damage by 25%.

Rivalia Dungeon Raiders

Bosses will drop some of the best Runes in the game, but they are hard to come by as the player must clear a dungeon to get the materials needed from the boss to make them. The player should go back and beat the bosses a few times after the first time they clear the sixth level, as the seventh-twelfth dungeons and bosses require high-level Runes. Using Runes correctly will make Cheesing Ciceron in the final boss battle a breeze in Rivalia: Dungeon Raiders.

In Rivalia: Dungeon Raiders Potions can be the difference in clearing a level and being sent back to the yard. Rivalia: Dungeon Raiders is a Roguelike RPG from Developer Fsix Games that brings a player into the fantasy world of Rivalia. Four main characters can be cycled through when exploring dungeons. One of those characters, Evanya, has set up shop in the Yard to mix Potions for the team. Throughout the game the characters will level up, and the need for strong Potions will grow with them.

Rivalia: Dungeon Raiders utilizes Health, Mana, and Stamina bars that can all be affected by Potions. In RPGs like Skyrim, having the best Potions on hand can turn the tides in a battle, and have the same advantage in Rivalia: Dungeon Raiders. In the early stages, the characters will be at a low level, so the basic Potions that the player picks up will suffice. Later in the game, dungeons are more complex, amplifying the importance of the best Potions.\

After clearing the first dungeon, Evanya will start brewing in her stall, and players can use Materials they collect to make Potions. Galart the Lizard will also sell common potions that can help early on when players don't have many Materials. Before entering each Dungeon, the player can up the difficulty by selecting a challenge from the Bulletin Board in the Yard. The Bulletin Board creates challenges, similar to the Extreme Trials in Final Fantasy 14. The player should choose the challenge with the highest reward to maximize the chance of getting more Materials.

The Ultimate Health Potion is very helpful in boss battles, and the Materials needed aren't too challenging to find. To mix the Ultimate Health Potion collect one Scrap, two Bones, and one Giant Bone. Scrap and Bone are common materials that any Skeleton drops early on, and Axeman and Mace Bearing Skeletons drop Giant Bones. These enemies will pop up more frequently as the game progresses, but only a few spawn in the first few dungeons. The Ultimate Health Potion is best saved for Yhorm, Rivalia: Dungeon Raiders version of a Tank type character in Skyrim.

The Ultimate Mana Potion fully restores a character's Mana. This potion requires three Demonic Scales, two Demon Teeth, and one Cyclops Eye. Demonic Scales are common and will be dropped by Demon-type enemies, like Cyclops and Flying Cyclops found in the first two dungeons. Demon Tooth is a rare Material that's dropped by higher-level Demons like Spikes found in the fifth and sixth levels. The Ultimate Mana Potion is helpful for all the characters as they can run through their Mana reserves quickly.

Have you ever imagined waking up and discovering that you were trapped in a space-time loop with 3 complete strangers? I'm sure you have. Well sharpen your sword, refill your quiver, drink a mana potion and get ready, because you'll need it if you want to defeat the "not at all evil jester" and his entourage of horrifying monsters that have taken control of Rivalia Castle.4 MAIN CHARACTERS, 1 VILLAINIn this comical Roguelite adventure and single-player ARPG, you will control 4 main characters in their quest to end the curse of Rivalia and return the kingdom to normal. You will take control of one of them, being able to switch characters at any time. But you won't fight alone, your allies will fight side by side with you in epic real-time battles!AshelinAre you one of those who prefer to lash out? Ashelin won't disappoint you. Unleash your inner demon and sow chaos among your enemies with powerful slashes and demonic powers that will allow you to absorb their souls.HalmorLooking for speed and dexterity? Don't hesitate to call Halmor. Combine the best of agile melee combat with the safety of ranged combat and defeat enemies in the rear with your great speed.YhormWant to see yourself surrounded by enemies and laugh at them for not even being able to move you? Yhorm is the right choice. Take advantage of this giant's tougthness and taunt the enemies around you to protect your allies.EvanyaWould you rather play it cool and let your allies do the dirty work? Evanya is your choice. Thanks to the power of the elements, your goal will be to help your allies with healing, shields and causing altered states to your enemies.CiceronSo what would a great story be, without a crazy villain to set it off? To Evanya, he's nothing more than a jester. To Ashelin, a demon to hunt down. But for everyone, he has become the main target to bring Rivalia back to normal.FIGHT TO SAVE THE KINGDOMChaos in the procedural dungeonsRivalia's castle has become the playground of a demonic jester, and it can only mean one thing.... Get ready to get involved in a complete chaos in which you will go through huge procedural dungeons full of traps and challenges, among which you can explore a colossal and imposing castle, gloomy graveyards full of majestic mausoleums and dark caverns of fire and lava... Sounds like fun, doesn't it?Take down the enemies of the kingdomAnd what would an RPG be without a bunch of enemies to beat up? Warriors made of calcium, mischievous little devils, giant boxing turtles.... All sorts of unimaginable enemies will serve the jester and defend their territory, even dinosaurs have been spotted in the stables! Epic battles are guaranteed!Defeat the guardiansThe entourage under Ciceron's command is not composed solely of weak minions. His guardians, creatures of great power with unique combat mechanics, will protect each of the dungeons and offer a great final challenge. Will you be up to the task?Loot, forge and strengthen yourselfDefeat enemies to create equipment using their own materials. You can also combine this equipment to obtain a variety of powers and use them against your foes. How cruel... Are you sure the jester is the bad guy in this story? 041b061a72


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