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[S1E13] Tape 7, Side A

At the beginning of the series, 17-year-old schoolgirl Hannah Baker took her own life by cutting her wrists. Her school locker becomes a memorial adorned with students' letters and her pictures. On his doorstep, Hannah's friend Clay Jensen finds a box containing seven audio cassette tapes. Each subsequent tape reveals Hannah's thirteen reasons she killed herself. Hannah warns listeners to follow certain rules: everyone mentioned on the tapes must listen to the complete set then pass it along to the next person addressed. Failure to follow her instructions will result in a second set of tapes being released by a classmate and close personal friend of Hannah's, later revealed to be Tony. Clay, who was in love with Hannah, reminisces about the time he spent with her. He finds listening to Hannah's story difficult, but his friend Tony finds him and reveals he plays a part in enforcing Hannah's will by making sure the tapes are heard; he knows Clay is mentioned on them. He warns Clay things will go wrong if he does not obey the tapes.

[S1E13] Tape 7, Side A

Clay listens to the first tape, side A: Justin Foley. Hannah had just moved to town and became friends with her neighbor Kat, who is moving away to college and introduced her to her ex-boyfriend Justin Foley, along with his friend Zach Dempsey. Hannah made a few meet-cutes with Justin before deciding to hang out with him later in the evening at the park. Justin, managing to take a revealing photo of Hannah and having kissed her, showed the photo to his friends that Bryce Walker spread through the school, which embarrassed Hannah. Hannah tried to gather herself by confiding in Clay, but he made a hurtful comment and Hannah felt isolated.[3]

On the first tape, side B is revealed to be Jessica Davis; Hannah talks about her friendship with Jessica and Alex Standall, with the two later dating in secret and having abandoned Hannah. When Hannah found out, Alex broke up with Jessica and wrote a "Hot or Not" list with the two friends opposite each other. Jessica blamed Hannah and publicly slapped her.[4] In the present, Hannah's mother, Olivia Baker, finds the "hot or not" list, leading her to believe her daughter was being bullied. She seeks the school principal's help but because she and her husband have sued the school, they cannot help her more than what the school intends to help with.

On the second tape, side A, Alex Standall is the next reason. Clay confronts Alex about the list and learns that he wrote the list to get back at Jessica for refusing to have sex with him. The list eventually puts a target on Hannah's back for sexual harassment, particularly from Bryce who not only groped her but later raped her.[5] As Clay progresses through the tapes, he encounters the others mentioned on Hannah's recordings, stopping to question each one. He discovers that Hannah felt that everyone on the tapes either took advantage of her or abandoned her. At the same time, almost everyone mentioned on the tapes either tried to threaten Clay or befriend him to alleviate their own guilt in the death of Hannah.

Second tape, side B: Tyler Down, the school photographer. Having a crush on Hannah, Tyler stalked Hannah at school and at her home in the middle of the night, taking photos of her. Hannah did not know it was him and shared her fear of her stalker to Courtney Crimsen; Courtney volunteered to sleep over and the two play Truth or Dare, stripping their clothes and eventually kissing.[6] They caught Tyler who took photos of them and he distributed their photo throughout the school when Hannah refused to date him despite her plea for him to destroy the photo. To avenge Hannah, Clay then takes a photo of Tyler while he was changing in his room and circulates this photo to the school. Tyler is viciously bullied because of this and the majority of the people from the tape detest him for his disgusting habit.

Third tape, side A: Courtney Crimsen. Afraid that she would be outed as a lesbian, Courtney threw Hannah under the bus by lying that the photo is Hannah and another lesbian named Laura when the boys at school taunted her. Furthermore, she added to the rumor about Hannah and Justin.[7] Clay further makes Courtney feel guilty by luring her to Hannah's grave to have her see that there is nothing wrong with being a lesbian, but Courtney leaves him stranded. He then calls Tony to pick him up while his mother is informed that he left school and never came back.

Third tape, side B: Marcus Cole, the student President. During Dollar Valentine, Hannah was matched with Marcus and she gave him a chance for a date at a diner. Marcus not only showed up an hour late but brought friends to witness the date. When Hannah discovered that he was trying to sexually molest her in front of his friends, she pushed him away and he humiliated her in public.[8] Among his friends that came was Zach who sympathized with her while she wept.

Fourth tape, side A: Zach Dempsey. Following Marcus' rejection, Zach tried to befriend Hannah but she publicly rejected him as well, embarrassing him.[9] In a social experiment in the class in which students can anonymously give a positive note to other students, Hannah realized that her notes are being taken and found out that Zach had been taking them after class. She anonymously wrote a note for him and publicly confronted for targeting her, but revealed that he threw the note away. During a basketball game, Clay keys Zach's car out of rage where he is discovered by Skye Miller, a classmate he was once friends with. Zach and his mother later accuses Clay of keying the car and Zach secretly admits to Clay that he kept the letter Hannah wrote to him.

Fourth tape, side B: Ryan Shaver. Hannah joined a poetry club and met classmate Ryan Shaver. The two bond over poetry but Ryan betrayed her by publishing her personal poem in the school magazine "Lost 'n Found" that she had been reluctant to share.[10] Hannah was further humiliated when her class decided to discuss about the poem, not knowing who the author was. Hannah broke off her friendship with Ryan. In the present day, Tony confides in Clay about the night of Hannah's death.

Fifth tape, side A: Justin Foley again. During a party at Jessica's house, Hannah found out that she is dating Justin. As there were three reasons to this story, Hannah omitted why she was in Jessica's room in the first place, but that with her hiding in the closet, she witnessed Jessica's rape by Bryce, and blamed Justin for not being able to help her.[11] Hannah was afraid to tell anyone and left with classmate Sheri Holland. In the present, Justin, who had been violent with Clay, is now being confronted by him to tell Jessica the truth: that she was raped and that he needs to stop protecting Bryce.

Fifth tape, side B: Sheri Holland. After witnessing Jessica's rape, Hannah left with Sheri because she claimed she was sober. However, Sheri knocked down a stop sign and abandoned Hannah when she insisted they call someone about it.[12] Hannah made her way to a nearby gas station and called the police about the sign, but they tell her someone had already called "it" in. The knocked down stop sign later resulted in the death of Jeff Atkins, best friend of Clay Jensen.[12] The school was under the impression that Jeff drove drunk while Hannah tried to admit her guilt in indirectly killing Jeff but Clay dismisses her. In the present, Clay forces Sheri to admit to Jeff's parents that she indirectly killed Jeff because his parents were under the impression that he drove drunk. However, Sheri refuses to.

Sixth tape, side A: Clay Jensen. Hannah explains why she was in the closet and witnessed Jessica's rape. Having always been fond of Clay and hoping for a fresh start, Hannah show up to Jessica's party with Clay's invitation and admitted her feelings for him. In Jessica's room, the two partially initiate sex before Hannah, traumatized by her negative encounters with the boys at school, screamed at Clay to leave. Thinking he has provoked Hannah's breakdown, Clay left and Hannah hid in the closet when she heard Justin and Jessica coming into the room. However, Justin left when Jessica was too inebriated to respond to him. She overhead Justin reluctantly allowing Bryce to enter the room, in which he then proceeded to rape a barely conscious Jessica. At the end of the tape, Hannah admits that Clay does not deserve to be on the tapes but that she could not have told her story without talking about him. In the present day, Olivia finds a list with all the names of the people on the tapes but does not know the meaning behind them. The Bakers decide to file a lawsuit against the school and almost everyone on the list is subpoenaed. It is revealed that the Bakers are having financial problems with the store.

Sixth tape, side B: Bryce Walker. Hannah reveals that this was "the most difficult day" of her life. Hannah saw that her parents are financially struggling and offered to help, but they refused to take money from her. After losing her parents' business deposits, she took a late night stroll as a solution to her growing depression and came upon Bryce's pool party. She stripped down to her undergarments to join in on the hot tub before being raped by Bryce after everyone, including Jessica and Justin, left. Returning home, she started to recall how her life came to this point and made a list of people who had hurt her and decided that "no one will hurt me again."[14] In the present, Jessica has mentally and emotionally suffered because of Justin's absence in their relationship. To gain his attention, she becomes close to Bryce, triggering Justin and he then accuses Bryce of raping Jessica.

Seventh tape, side A: Mr. Porter. After recording the tapes, Hannah felt "something shift", and decided to get help and give life one more try. She went to see school counselor Mr. Porter and, while secretly recording their conversation, vaguely and reluctantly admitted that she had been raped. Mr. Porter cannot make her disclose the identity of her rapist and Hannah refuses to get her parents or police involved so he gives her the only option of moving on. Hannah abruptly leaves, despite hoping that he would want to help her enough to chase after her. When he did not, she then dropped off her uniform at the Crestmont and left the tapes at Tony's front door. Afterwards, she returned home to fill the tub with water, slit her wrists, and died from bloodloss. Her parents were revealed to have discovered her and called the police but were too late to save her.[15] 041b061a72


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