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Back in Fayetteville, Ryan returns to Trudy's house and his stuff is thrown on the curb. Hope admits that she moves fast and Ryan doesn't blame her for Hope's actions. She still doesn't believe him. She's freed him and though she convinced him just how much being human sucks, however, Ryan wants to go back to Trudy. Ryan does admit that being human sucks, and disappointing, and some days you hate it, but that's all he's wanted for a long time. Trudy is one of those people who loves with their whole heart immediately and he wishes he could be more like her. It's more than he's ever had. She calls him pathetic, but he was just thinking that about her. He was jealous of her and her friend. They had a home and stuck together and he never thought she'd be stupid enough to throw that away. Hope isn't worried about his opinion, but Ryan believes otherwise. She wanted him to make the same choice she did. Somewhere, deep inside, she knows what she's doing is wrong. He warns her not to open the book and to return home before she does something she can't come back from.

Nightmare From The Deep The Cursed Heart Crack Android Torrent


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