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Buy Verizon Refill Card With Paypal

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buy verizon refill card with paypal

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***Earn 2% cash back with your card on signature purchase transactions at Safeway and Albertsons family of stores. A list of Albertsons family of stores and additional earning opportunities are available in your Online Account Center. Rewards are redeemed when you accumulate $10 in rewards and credited to your available balance within 3 business days up to a maximum of $40 per calendar year. Also, rewards may be forfeited if your account is closed prior to redemption.

Some of these cards offer some interesting cash-back opportunities. Synchrony offers a co-branded airline card with Cathay Pacific and their co-branded store cards have been particularly popular as well.

I had an Old Navy card with them and I always paid the balance in full and they closed my card. Then I got another card with them for Dental expenses, and I paid it off and they lowered my credit by half. Then I got a flex card with them and I paid it off in about three months and they took about $500 off my credit. This is illegal and we need to get a lot of people involved file a class action lawsuit!

The worst ever. Barely used the card, paid it in full and they closed my account. We ask why, they said I have several credit limits and they considered me a risk. So I guess I should have not brought a new truck and they would have let me keep the little $1,000. Please, guys bank with Chase, Amex and such. Stay away from Synchrony their ratings are low. Everyone seems to have similar complaints

It is true, they can and will lower your limits and or close the account. I currently have over 15 cards with them; last year my credit card usage percentage went up on my credit report. Within about 4 months, my credit limits started to lower as they seem to have thought I was a high risk. I did, however, get a letter for each account that was lowered. I had 3 cards closed all together that have always been in good standing. Once my credit utilization went back to around 30% usage then I got my limits back. Also if I have not used a retail card in over a year, I will get a letter basically stating I need to use it or lose it.

My husband missed a payment on one of his cards and they lowered his limits, but it was because he was irresponsible with managing his payments. His fault, not theirs which is why we have separate credit cards, because I handle my bills differently than he does.

I started with a Fred Meyer synchrony card for jewelry, and then a purchase at Mattress Firm, They have INCREASED my credit limit. I am paying ahead of schedule and on track to have both paid off early. So far, so good.

I agree. I never had a problem with them. They never lower my card balance and I had a family emergency one time and they were great to work with. They let me skip a payment and the next month I paid my bill as usual and never had any issues. I only regret that Capital One took over my Walmart card and it is no longer with these guys.

This company will lower your credit limit at anytime without notice, I have a sams club credit card and always paid it on time, a payment was a day late do to a holiday falling on my due date causing it to post a day late. they immediately dropped my limit from 3000 down to 200 causing my usage to blow up to 90 percent and a hit to my credit score. Very frustrating ! What reason would you keep a credit card with a 200 dollar credit limit. Thats a joke! will be cancelling it asap.

WOW! Nearly had that happen to me with one of the Synchrony bank cards! I consider myself lucky that I figured it out online and started making payments through the website. They were not sending paper copies of the bill or emailing me. Contacting the store did nothing. Sorry this happened. I Hope that someone gets it fixed for you.

Never make cash withdrawals from credit cards even with a very good credit card. I just opened this credit card and do not even plan to use it much it is only to raise my credit score. In other words treat a card like it was closed or like a debit card. Also keep reading how this bank closes credit accounts for no reason.

This company sucks. Canceled my Lowes card due to changing banks and I had not had a late payment with them since 2015. I cancelled all cards I had with them and told the other stores why when I canceled. I will never accept another card that have anything to do with them.

@Charles This site is not run by Synchrony Bank. We are simply providing information about their cards. If you want to learn more about the specific promotions that you are targeted for, you will need to contact Synchrony Bank directly with the number on the back of your card.

I just recently had my 0 balance card closed with no explanation. I attempted to make a purchase and was declined. When I called I was told the account had been closed 3 days prior. I made the purchase however had I known I would not have purchased anything at all. This is a horrible policy and I spoke to several friends this has happened to as well.

Hi Joanne. Sorry you are having this trouble. The phone number on the back of your card would be a quick way to contact the card issuer and find out more about your issue. You can also dispute the charge in question by calling. If you have access to your account online, you may be able to dispute the charge there as well. It is important to dispute the charge as soon as possible. The card issuer will follow up with a confirmation to you in writing after this has been done.

I agree we should file a class-action suit. The same issues that you all have had, I have also. This bank will close your account for no reason, or they will lower your credit limit for no reason. They will not even let you know that they are doing this. I have never missed a payment, always paid on time, and even paid off balances early on the following cards: Amazon credit limit $ 650.00 dropped my limit to $100.00 TJMaxx credit limit $1450.00 dropped my limit to $450.00 Belks credit limit $1,500 dropped my limit to $400.00 Old Navy credit limit $ 1250 dropped my limit to $ 450.00 Walmart credit limit $1,500 dropped my limit to $1,100.00 Ashley Furniture credit limit $1,500 closed my account I paid off my cards and will never use them again, with the exception of Walmart because Capital One services this account now. I very upset about this because I have worked really hard to build my credit, all to have sets back like this!

I have just started experiencing the same issue with Synchrony bank. I have several credit cards with them with zero balance. I received a letter stating they closed my Lumber Liquidators credit card again for bogus reasons listed and I had a zero balance on the card. I have purchased $20,000 worth of flooring using the card and paid them off right away. The LL store actually pushed the card on me when they were having specials. I am not blaming LL as it was me that said yes to the card. I started doing some research online and found out some alarming things that I am going to contact our state political representatives about as I believe the same thing is going on with Synchrony Bank and its card members as what happened back in 2012 and the IRS. Do some research and you will find out what I found out. By Synchrony Bank closing the card it will put a bad mark on your Credit Score. That is horribly wrong and a very bad practice. They are doing this for a reason and its not a good one. 041b061a72


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