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The Man Who Knew Infinity(2015) Extra Quality

So yes, one of the reasons that Ramanujan is often referred to as "the man who knew infinity" is that he demonstrated incredible skill in understanding these limiting behaviors. For example, he developed a theory for efficiently constructing very large networks on which it is easy to communicate; today these are known as "Ramanujan graphs" (see below). Modern mathematicians continue to be amazed that Ramanujan was able to develop his incredible insights while working in isolation, without access to even a major library, let alone modern computers!

The Man Who Knew Infinity(2015)

It is this note which has led to the legend that Galois spent his last night writing out all he knew about group (Galois) theory. This story appears to have grown with the telling but his life would also make for a very interesting movie. 041b061a72


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