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Buy Dahlias Online

Ribier Gardens is located on 5 acres in Meridian, Idaho and their dahlia tuber store opened for the second year on December 1st. All of their dahlias are certified organic and lovingly tended to by Jen Zissou and her family. Jen gave up her previous profession after a health scare and had the realization that life is just too short not to be passionate about every moment. Jen has been living the dream ever since!

buy dahlias online

Sunny Meadows Flower Farm owned by Gretel and Steve Adams is an urban flower farm 6 miles from downtown Columbus, Ohio. Their online tuber shop has a great selection specifically for cut flower production.

Dahlia tubers are the underground storage root of this summer flowering bulb. We carry over 50 varieties of decorative dahlias, dinnerplate dahlias, specialty dahlias, cactus dahlias, and border dahlias.

There is a dahlia for every place in your sunny garden! Plant border dahlias and impression dahlias in containers and patio planters. Tall showy decorative dahlias and dinnerplate dahlias mix well with perennials in garden beds and borders! Dahlia tubers are excellent for growing your own cut flowers to bring in your home for vases and bouquets. Dahilas need a sunny location, well drained soil and a little water, it's that easy for more growing tips visit our dahlia information page.

What are the Different Types of Dahlias Available From Breck's?Breck's offers many different dahlias and dahlia bulbs for sale. We carry over 100 different dahlia tubers. As you browse our dahlia bulbs, pay attention to the height and size of the flowers you prefer. You will find many dahlia varieties with gorgeous flowers. We carry many dahlia varieties such as collarette dahlias, pompon dahlias, ball dahlias, cactus dahlias, dinner plate dahlias, giant dahlias and many more. Some of our favorite dahlias include Thomas Edison purple blooms, Kelvin Floodlight for its golden yellow flowers and Cafe au Lait for cut flower bouquets. Which Dahlias Should I Buy? There are many different sizes of dahlia flowers for sale at Breck's. Dinnerplate dahlias are the largest. Type of dahlia and can feature blooms up to 12 inches across that are dinner plate sized! Many decorative dahlias have blooms between 4-8 inches and are perfect for cut flower gardens. Pompon Dahlias and ball dahlias have miniature flowers formed in a round ball. Collarette dahlias are ideal for small spaces such as in containers or patios. Their bloom has ruffled "collar" petals in the center that are surrounded by larger, flat petals that may overlap and are sometimes in contrasting hues. Breck's offers many of these dahlias for sale online. Gardeners Guide to Dahlia BulbsBelow is our guide on the most frequently asked questions about dahlia flowers and bulbs. We cover everything from how to care, grow and store your dahlias over the winter!What to do After Receiving Your Dahlia TubersYour dahlias are shipped from Breck's as tubers that are field grown and have been harvested recently. If you don't have time to plant them immediately, keep the dahlia tubers in their original bags at about 40-45F (4-7C). The vegetable drawer of a refrigerator is ideal for temporary storage. Quick planting, however, will yield the best results.How to Plant DahliasDahlias are frost tender. Your tubers can go directly into the ground in the spring after the ground has warmed and the chance of frost has passed. One good guideline is to plant dahlias at the same time you would plant tomatoes. If you want early blooms, start the dahlia tubers indoors in good light about a month before you plant them outside. Dahlias can be planted as late as mid-June in most parts of the country.How To Care For Dahlias and Dahlia BulbsOur high quality dahlia tubers are harvested in Holland and kept cool until they are shipped to the US to our customers. Dahlias prefer drained soil but need to be watered regularly. Plant dahlias in full sun about 12 to 18 inches apart and 6 to 8 inches deep. Pinch the top of your dahlia plants above the 4th set of leaves for more blooms. How To Store Dahlias Over WinterYou can care and store your Dahlias over winter by using a ventilated box or basket. Take each clump of dahlia tubers and fill the box with slightly moistened sand, peat moss or vermiculite and place them in a cool, dry location. The temperatures should remain between 45 and 55 degrees F. Make sure to check your tubers periodically throughout winter to ensure your Dahlias are not rotting or drying out. Read our guide on how to grow and plant dahlia bulbs for more information and detailed care instructions for dahlias.

Buy your dahlia online at ilovedahlia, we have 500 varieties for you to choose from. Dahlias in all colours and sizes, especially suitable for cutting and others to fill your border with. Here at Ilovedahlia you will find the latest varieties that have just come onto the market. These new varieties are selected by us so that you can buy these newest varieties. That is why you buy youe dahlia online at ilovedahlia

During those bone-chilling Winter months the colorful, tropical dahlias are such a welcome paradise to view. Our wintry escape, only if momentarily, into a warm, sun-drenched Summer. Perfectly lit photographs and elegant words move us from mere dreaming to quickly ordering dahlia tubers that help soothe our Wintery blues.

If you are a Dahlia Grower and sell tubers, you know, Winter is the best market for selling dahlias. By March and April, tulips and daffodils are already blooming, everyone is busy outside in their garden. Big box stores already have cardboard boxes of half-shriveled dahlia tubers in their aisles. The bluster and gray of Winter has passed.

Small dahlia farmers (myself included) to medium sized growers, up to mega companies, all sell dahlia tubers. There are middlemen, internet-only companies that just buy from growers or auction houses and then sell online for a small profit. These big online companies trade owners and along with the business sale, their policies change unknowingly to previous customers. Most likely there is not a mention of new ownership.

A phone call made to inform the company revealed lots of dahlia buyers were calling in and saying these were not the dahlias that they had ordered months back. The rep told me they were mislabeled (a term you hear from middlemen) and they would promise to send the correct tubers next season. How is this acceptable? Would the lot be mislabeled next year as well? Are they just buying unsold lots at auction houses?

Dan's Dahlias has been growing dahlias in Washington State since 1983. Over 300 varieties of dahlia flowers are featured in our online catalog so you're sure to find a prize winning dahlia for your garden.

To buy dahlias begin by selecting from one of the categories in the left menu: Dahlias by Size, Dahlias by Bloom Style, Dahlias by Color, or Dahlias by Plant Height. You can check out NEW Dahlias introduced this year or browse ALL Dahlias for sale.

Of course, you can also request a catalog by phone or fax, or send e-mail to Be sure and register for a new user account to make your shopping and checkout experience even easier.

All dahlia tubers (dahlia bulbs) are 100% guaranteed to grow and be true to name and we include a free gift of tubers with every order over $25. So plant an amazing dahlia garden this spring and grow the most beautiful flowers on Earth ... dahlias from Dan's Dahlias.

Dahlias thrive in a sunny, well-drained environment. They prefer warm weather and cannot stand frost. When the earth has warmed up, plant dahlia tubers outside after the latest frost date. By mid-summer, most dahlias will be blooming.

Fill a vase with at least 4 inches of room temperature water. Prepare flower mix if desired. Underwater, cut the ends of the stem at an angle to aid in rehydration for dahlias. Remove any foliage below the water line to avoid cloudy and foul-smelling water from decomposition. Change the water at least every other day.

With so many great warm colors, it is hard to choose. Many people order an assorted mix for guaranteed colorful trending bouquets and dahlia boutonnieres. You can also get an assorted mix by hue, including bicolors, burgundies, chocolates, yellows and lavenders. Purple dahlias add an unexpected color to any arrangement. Pink dahlias come in shades from pale pink to bubblegum pink. All colors vary in shades within their bunches and make for a lovely monochromatic arragement.

Dahlias are a popular best seller due to their spectacular, showy size and shape and bold color choices. When you purchase our assorted 100 stem dahlia box (10 bunches x 10 stems) you can take advantage of our affordable wholesale pricing. Available from June through October, dahlias fall right into the popular wedding season. Native to Mexico and parts of South America, dahlias are available in a range of hues, including burgundy, chocolate, lavender, magenta, orange, peach, pink, dark pink, light pink, purple, dark purple, red, dark red, bright red, white and yellow flowers. Keep in mind that when ordering your box, color substitutions and variations are very likely as they are constantly changing. Dahlias are shipped directly after being cut from the fields in order to make sure they are in peak condition for your event. Such variations include dahlias that have pointed petals one day and dahlias with rounded pointed petals the next. Our assorted color boxes will include any of the above-mentioned colors. Dahlias are subject to color substitution and will range in size. 041b061a72


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