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This moment really changed me from within. It made me realize that love does not have a gender, compassion does not have a religion, and character does not have a race. And for the first time in my life, I felt like the luckiest guy to be gay!

pakistani girl sex with boy first time free vidos


Ever since I was a young teen, I became aware that I was different from other boys and never had any success with dating girls. When I finally accepted that I was gay at age 16, I wanted to preserve my first kıss for someone special. I was terrified of intimacy and always delayed throwing myself out there to date someone of the same gender.

Later that night we went back to my college house where I was living with 6 other straight men. I remember spending hours just laying in bed with him talking about life. It was crazy to me how comfortable it felt. All my anxieties and insecurities just melted away. It felt like I could breathe for the first time in my 21 years of existence!

As bad as that relationship turned out, I was grateful for that first experience with him. It made me realize who I was as a person, which made feel truly content for the first time. That was the first night I met Jeff! From that moment on, everything in my life made complete sense.

He was so friendly, talkative and kind. He was the type of boy I definitely thought was out of my league. So for him to even engage with me really boosted my confidence, especially considering this was my first time out on the gay scene.

My first time was with my boss. I worked at a bingo hall and was instantly attracted to my boss he was married but he was bo sexual he asked me if i had ever had sex with another man i said no he said would you like yo try it with me i was shocked but said yes then one evening he drove me home about 4 miles from where work was we pulled down a old road it was padt 12 midnight and first we kissed then he went down on me and vice versa the next few months was secret locations but i loved every minute of it from there i realised i was gay!


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