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Boon - Ainda Sem Legenda

, born December 24, 1968, in Bucharest, has published five volumes of verse to date, consisting without exception of prose poems ranging from one to twenty-five lines. In the nineties she was a member of the legendary writers' workshop "Litere", associated with Bucharest University, where she studied French language and literature. After a spell on the the teaching staff of Brasov University (Romania), Doina Ioanid has been working, since 2005, as senior editor for The Cultural Observer, a leading Romanian cultural weekly. She goes on frequent reading tours both in Romania and abroad (France, Turkey, Sweden, Holland, Italy, UK).

Boon - ainda sem legenda

(1952-2004), was a charismatic cult musician, actor, radio personality, and writer. Born in Hyogo, Japan, he graduated from the Osaka University of Art and then worked as a salesman in a printing company for five years, during which time he increasingly turned to music and writing, as well as alcohol and 'legal' drugs. He became a professional writer in 1987, and authored work for TV, theater, and rakugo, as well as a number of 'alcoholic' essays and short stories. He constantly produced innovative literary works, including the Naoki Prize-winning The Night of Human Models and the Eiji Yoshikawa Prize-winning Tonight, in All the Bars, until his sudden demise (he fell down the stairs while drunk) in 2004. Ramo's legendary life story and his controversial works continue to raise eyebrows in Japan.

Se você tiver um nível intermediário-avançado, recomendo assistir aos filmes com legendas em francês, fazendo um esforço para entender a narrativa do filme de modo geral. É um exercício difícil, mas seu objetivo pode ser alcançado se você praticar a compreensão oral e se tiver um vocabulário amplo de francês. 041b061a72


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