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X42 Auto-tune Download

This plugin focuses on aspects such as speed, depth, and detune controls. Despite its specializing on minimal aspects, this autotune VST has more features than any of the other free software you can download.

X42 Auto-tune Download

Download Zip:

If you need visual aides to monitor the level of effects, this plugin also has a visible detector that provides a graphical interpretation of the notes. This plugin is a part of a free bundle collection that is worth downloading.

What this plugin lacks in features makes up for it in precision. If you want a precise pitch correction software that can fix pitch without compromising the nature and quality of a recording, you should definitely download the KeroVee.

Some reputable autotune software such as Melodyne can set you back by hundreds of dollars. Still, it has fantastic features that are worth every penny. However, if you are new to using autotune, I suggest that you download one of the best free autotune VST plugins on the list first. If used alongside many other plugins, you may notice lags, which sometimes indicate you need to upgrade your computer or laptop.

Made by a Japanese company called g200kg. KeroVee is a completely free-to-download pitch correction VST. It boasts powerful and natural pitch correction capabilities and can be set to either follow any given scale or MIDI input. The scale mode is controlled by the user enabling or disabling which notes they want KeroVee to pitch-correct to, and the MIDI mode works by taking MIDI input which holds note information and tells the plugin which notes to pitch correct to.


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