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A Really Good Day is Waldman's first-person account of her month-long adventure microdosing LSD. In her preface, Waldman tells readers that she was diagnosed years ago with a variant of bipolar disorder. "For as long as I can remember," [she says] "I have been held hostage by the vagaries of mood. When my mood is good, I am cheerful, productive, and affectionate. I sparkle at parties, I write decent sentences, I have what the kids call swag. When my mood swings, however, I am beset by self-loathing and knotted with guilt and shame."

One Good Day


A Really Good Day tells a really good story, one that will make readers think about how drugs get classified and how chemistry alters what we think of as essential personality traits. It's a story that only a woman who's lived most of her life being "a handful" would be gutsy enough to tell.

Where we left off: Welcome to Woodbury, Michonne and Andrea. We met The Governor, who may or may not be a good person. Probably not, because he gunned down the National Guard and keeps a Man Cave full of dismembered heads floating in aquarium tanks. Also: our old friend Merle is back, minus a hand.

Think about what a good day at school or work looks and feels like for you. Do you need coffee? Do you need to listen to music first thing in the morning, or do you need some quiet time to start your day? Does it happen now? If not, what can you do to make it happen? Who can help you along the way? The Good Day Plan helps you make and stick to a daily plan.

You and a teacher/parent/mentor visualize a good day and write down the steps to achieve it. Then, using the fillable template or web app, create an action plan to make your good day happen more often. The web app works on any internet-connected device or computer.

What distinguished Flowing days from Disrupted days was an average of less than three meetings a day and interruptions being contained to a small part of the day. Flowing days were also more likely to be rated as good days, so managing to safeguard our focus can help us have better days. Being able to make progress toward goals much of the day also impacted how developers felt about their days.

Today students took a test on the Law of Sines and the Law of Cosines. One student, when turning it in, told me it was their favorite unit. I told them that this moment was going to be my one good thing from today!

Dale is living a good life on a farm. But one day, Lucky, an assistant who is almost a son to him, is murdered. In order to get justice for Lucky, Dale needs to go back to a life he already abandoned: a leader of an organized crime syndicate in Kingtown. But as he fights for justice, what he will uncover is the most painful truth: his enemies are the very people he considers family.(Source: Amazon Prime Video) Edit Translation

After reading this, do you recognize yourself in one of these colors on a good day and bad day? I know I did. When I saw this it was not new information for me. What was new was the permission it gave others who work with me to talk about when I am having a bad day. Instead of tiptoeing around me, there is joking and smiles. Call them kind prodding, which motivate me to move out of my bad day. I believe this is why this tool resonates with so many of the teams we have worked with. It gives them a way to talk about something that is awkward and uncomfortable.

If you want to improve your productivity and joie de vivre, I suggest you read Have a Good Day soon. (You can download a free chapter at But in the meantime, here are five key tactics from it that you can put to good use immediately:

5. Practice gratitude. Ultimately, much of what makes our day good or bad, says Webb, is our mindset. When you make a point to note the good things (however small), your brain gets into the habit of scanning for positive things and your mood impro

At the beginning of each day, try to notice three good things. For example: Your coffee was hot, someone held the door open for you and the train came on time. Then at the end of the day, think about the three best things that happened and write them down or tell your partner about them.

Sending a loved one off to work or school sometimes calls for variation in what you say. Not every day will be a great one for them, but also they will tire of the same phrase every day. Here are some other messages you can do to wish a good day!

It is a way to learn about what matters to someone and what support they need to have good days and avoid bad days. We need this information about everyone who receives support, and colleagues as well. This is a way to start or add to one-page profiles for colleagues and for those supported, and to decide together on actions. To help the person to have more good days and less bad days, what needs to happen? This is recorded in the action plan.

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