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Where Can I Buy Fess Parker Wine

I was at my first Urban Sites Conference to discuss the work we, in New YorkCity, have been doing with novice teachers as part of the NWP New-TeacherInitiative grant we received from the NWP. Debi Freeman and I areteacher-consultants working with a small group of beginning teachers from oneschool in Brooklyn and another in the Bronx. Felicia George is our partner withthe New York City Writing Project, and Carol Rose of Philadelphia is our liaisonto the NWP. This was a chance for us to meet and discuss where we are in thework and where we think we should be going. To be able to have this conversationin Fess Parker's Doubletree Resort and Spa, in Santa Barbara, made us feel, inthe words of a teacher-consultant from Boston, ". . . likecelebrities." Don't let Fess Parker's name fool you. Yes, there werecoonskin hats on the bottles of Fess Parker wine being sold in the gift shop,but that was where the "wild frontier" theme ended. My room was in theCamellia Wing of the resort, while others stayed in the Gardenia orBougainvillea Wings. Birds sang among the flowers growing at the edge of myterrace (and I bought a Peterson's Guide to Western Birds and added each bird Iidentified to my lifelist). The pool sparkled in the sun. The fragrance of thePacific Ocean, 200 yards away from my window, greeted me with each brief morningmist. For those two days at least, the National Writing Project enabled me tosee how the other 10 percent live.

where can i buy fess parker wine




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