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Glam Jam Bikini Heaven EXCLUSIVE

The Adicts came from Ipswich on the east coast of England, dressed in white in an amalgam of The Joker and Clockwork Orange imagery. They made a big impact in the UK, entering the national charts with their single on Sire Records - who insisted they change their name to ADX (or The Fun Adicts when on Children's TV!) With catchy, glam-punk singalong tunes and theatrical shows, The Adicts continue to grow their audience and regularly tour the USA, UK and Europe.

Glam Jam Bikini Heaven

Scores of new punk groups formed around the United Kingdom, as far from London as Belfast's Stiff Little Fingers and Dunfermline, Scotland's the Skids. Though most survived only briefly, perhaps recording a small-label single or two, others set off new trends. Crass, from Essex, merged a vehement, straight-ahead punk rock style with a committed anarchist mission, and played a major role in the emerging anarcho-punk movement.[150] Sham 69, London's Menace, and the Angelic Upstarts from South Shields in the Northeast combined a similarly stripped-down sound with populist lyrics, a style that became known as street punk. These expressly working-class bands contrasted with others in the second wave that presaged the post-punk phenomenon. Liverpool's first punk group, Big in Japan, moved in a glam, theatrical direction.[151] The band did not survive long, but it spun off several well-known post-punk acts.[152] The songs of London's Wire were characterized by sophisticated lyrics, minimalist arrangements, and extreme brevity.[153]

I feel like one-pieces have come so far in the past couple of years and have gone from dowdy to sex appeal. Which as a mother of two I honestly could not be any happier about. I will still rock a bikini, but honestly I feel my most comfortable and confident in a well-cut one-piece. I think that one-pieces are so sexy because they leave a little something to the imagine. They are classic and elegant, while still providing that va-va-va-voom I like in a suit. I love that they camouflage problem areas so well, are easy to move around in and are very comfortable. I typically stick with black bathing suits, but I do love a pretty white suit if you have a good tan. Just make sure that they are lined!!! As you can see from the suits I chose, I am really into the cut-outs and lace-overlays that are so popular right now. Again, it is all about giving that sex appeal while still leaving a little something to the imagination.

Musical Dose is a spirited journey through the world of garage rock, heavy psych, rockabilly physcobilly and any other type of billy. Then topped off with a little glam, rock and roll and twangy guitars. 041b061a72


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