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{Sexual Chronicles Of A French Family (2012) Uncut English Subtit} !LINK!

you wont see the dirty bits in the french version, but you will see occasional asides that offer further insight into the characters and their relationships. for example, one of the sons is characterised as rather sexually naive, and the first suggestion of the way he is going to learn about sex is his older brother coming home with condoms. another mother literally helps her sons as they start to show their drawings of naked women to her and some of the sexual details are obvious even without subtitles, such as the sons having to pick up toy horses to draw in beds. there are also some amusing moments of foreshadowing as if by editing out some awkward lines of dialogue, such as when grandpa is left alone with the daughter in the familys abandoned farmhouse in the early hours of the morning. as he is so far removed from the rest of the family, the desperation of his desire is exaggerated for effect.

{Sexual Chronicles of a French Family (2012) Uncut English Subtit}

fritschners book lives up to its subtitle, offering dozens of easy recipes for harried family cooks with little time to plan dinner or stand in long lines at the market. there are fish recipes that can be made with the fish available in most supermarkets, lots of ever-popular chicken dishes, and both red meat and vegetarian entrees, as well as quick soups and salads, side dishes, and a handful of desserts. from library journal. unrated. copyright and publication date unknown. unified english braille code. contracted braille.

its an unusually daring effort for a cinema that seems wont to hide their explicitness from the mainstream (even french film tradition has played fast and loose with sexuality.) but perhaps we dont need to be so scandalized, so scared, so frightened. we can surely take a little freedom in sex without dismantling the whole affair. sex for sex sake doesnt satisfy our appetites for the nude. some of the scenes are quite explicit, but that doesnt mean there was nothing else going on. we feel just as dirty watching "dirty" acts, whether its a penis in a woman's anus, or a blowjob that far exceeds the limits of a friendly kiss. it doesnt have to be the kinkiest thing ever done, but if youre picky, picky!


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