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Prolific Usb Serial Cable Driver Vista [EXCLUSIVE]

For most of these operating systems two types of driver are available: Virtual COM Port (VCP) drivers and direct (D2XX) drivers. The VCP driver emulates a standard PC serial port such that the USB device may be communicated with as a standard RS232 device. The D2XX driver allows direct access to a USB device via a DLL interface.

prolific usb serial cable driver vista

Windows 11 update loaded Prolific PL2303 driver and when I go to device manager it says "Please install corresponding PL2303 driver to support Windows 11 and further OS" This driver does not even attempt to communicate with my X10 CM11 hooked to my serial port. I had to go to Prolific website and load their current driver (uninstall driver first) Serial to X10 device now working fine. Don't install Windows update for Prolific or it will change it back.

Now you can easily connect your Magellan GPS receiver to the USB port of your PC with this DB-9 to USB adapter cable. Magellan data cable accessories come standard with a DB-9 connector, compatible with the DB-9 port on your computer. If your computer does not come equipped with a DB-9 port, simply plug-in this USB serial accessory adapter and connect your Magellan GPS receiver via your USB port to download maps and other software.

The PL-2303 Prolific serial adapter is your smart and convenient accessory for connecting RS-232 serial devices to your USB-equipped Windows host computer. It provides a bridge connection with a standard DB 9-pin male serial port connector in one end and a standard USB plug on the other end. You simply attach the serial device onto the serial port of the cable, and then plug the USB connector into your PC USB port. It allows a simple and easy way of adding serial connections to your PC without traditional port configuration.

Finally, the PL-2303 USB to Serial adapter is a fully USB specification compliant device and therefore supports advanced power management such as suspend and resume operations as well as remote wakeup. The Prolific USB serial cable adapter is designed to work on all Windows operating systems.

Plugable's USB to Serial Adapter features Prolific's PL-2303HX Rev D chip for the best combination of support and performance with a wide range of RS-232 serial devices. Drivers are built-into Windows 11, 10, 8.x, 7, and most Linux distributions, drivers are available for Windows XP, Vista, and macOS.

This adapter replaces a legacy built-in or PCI serial port and features a fixed male port with screw in connection. For connecting devices that also have a male connector an inexpensive DB9 coupler or standard serial cable can be purchased separately.

We use only genuine Prolific serial chipsets in our adapter. Some inexpensive serial adapters use cloned Prolific serial chipsets that will not work with the latest Prolific drivers, both those available for download and the drivers embedded in Windows. Because we only use genuine Prolific chips, our adapter is always compatible with the latest drivers from Prolific.

Following the installation instructions provided by the manufacturer of your serial devices, install any needed software or drivers. Connect the serial device to the adapter, and make any needed settings, such as COM port, baud rate, flow control, stop bits, etc.

The Plugable USB serial adapter allows you to connect legacy devices that use RS232 serial communications to computers that do not have a serial port. Although this usually works well, a number of problems can crop up because many of the devices people want to connect are older devices with various issues. A frequent problem is that the software that is necessary to connect to the device does not work under modern operating systems such as Windows 7 or above. Other problems can include using an improper cable, incorrect port settings, or a basic incompatibility between the Plugable USB serial adapter and the device it is being connected to.

When the cable is plugged into Windows 7 or higher computers, the necessary driver should load automatically. If it does not load, make sure the computer is connected to the internet. If an internet connection is not available, download the latest drivers for the cable from the Plugable driver site here. For earlier Windows XP and Vista computers, the drivers must be downloaded from the Plugable website and installed.

DTECH USB to TTL serial UART converter cable provides a fast, simple way to connect devices with a 3.3V TTL level serial interface to USB port. It integrates PROLIFIC PL2303TA USB to serial UART interface IC device.

The USB serial converter cable required USB driver, available from prolific website ( -usb-serial-uart-bridge-controller/), which are used to make the PL2303TA on the PCB board appear as virtual COM port (VCP driver). It allows users to communicate with the USB interface via a standard PC serial emulation port.

However, programming a Baofeng radio from a computer isn't all that intuitive and can become messy even for the most experienced ham who is not used to Chinese-made radios. The USB cable driver offered by Baofeng is buggy and the programming software made by the manufacturer is, for all intents and purposes, junk.

2. Locate the correct USB programming driver for your operating system. You can download the Prolific driver for Windows, Mac and Linux at _Drivers.php. If you purchased the Baofeng UV Series USB Programming Cable from Buy Two Way Radios, the driver for Windows will be on the CD included with the cable in the USB Cable Driver folder. Insert the CD and go to USB Cable Driver > USB Cable Driver Prolific This is the correct driver.

Guaranteed CompatibilityWindows 7 Compatible 32-bit and 64-bitFully Serial / RS232 compatibleWe proudly boast about our 99% device compatibility ratio with this product! We also stand behind it. You may see others that look like ours, but ours comes with a driver for Windows 7, 32-bit as well as 64-bit.Commercial qualityOur USB to Serial Adapter Cable is used mainly by AV pros and other industrial techs. This cable works great to add a serial port to your new laptop that didn't come with one, and will allow you to work on equipment just like you used to with your old laptop. Easy SetupSetup is quick and easy. Just plug it in, pop in the driver disk, and be done within a minute or two. We've also included driver downloads on our site in case you want to try those with your current non-functioning adapter.Getting a Code 10 Error on your USB to Serial device? You don't have the correct driver chosen. You'll need to choose the 2008 driver, version to correct the problem. Download the correct version below. If you purchased it from us, you can use our toll free tech support. We're native English speakers and are here Monday-Friday.DownloadsHow to fix a Code 10 ErrorWindows 7 Drivers, 32bit and 64bit (Latest Drivers)Windows XP Drivers (Latest Drivers)Mac Drivers (Latest Drivers)Prolific drivers site2009 VersionVista DriversWindows Drivers 2007 versionWindows Drivers 2003 versionMac DriversMac OS 10.3 DriversLinux DriversManual

After I had installed the Prolific Vista USB to serial driver software (PL2303_VistaDriver_Setup.exe) on my Vista Home Premium VM (installed with VMware Fusion on an iMac), I could successfully use it to read GPS track data from my Garmin Etrex H device. But after a suspend/resume or restart of my Vista VM the Prolific USB port could not be reconnected to the VM, neither automatically, nor manually through the Vitual Machine menu (USB, or Settings).

Perhaps I should mention that I have also installed the USB-to-serial adapter driver of Apple on MacOS. Could this conflict with the VM? But it is a bit awkward and error-prone to deinstall it, and I should prefer to have at least the Mac GPS software as long as the Windows GPS software isn't working.

In the meantime I have recognized that Prolific has a USB to serial driver also for OSX. I've installed it instead of the Apple driver, and now I can successfully use both, the Prolific Windows and the Prolific OSX driver, alternately.

Serial Attached SCSI Cables are a point-to-point serial protocol that moves data to and from computer-storage devices such as hard disk drives and tape drives. We offer various types of SAS cables including various SFF interface cables.

Description Maximum Compatibility Connect to any Serial / RS232 device that you want to connect to the USB port of your computer. We proudly boast about our 100% device compatibility ratio with this product! Who currently uses this product? We have sold this USB to Serial Adapter Cable mainly colleges, Audio / Visual Centers, as well as some Audio / Visual manufacturers. This cable will integrate flawlessly with all of the serial applications available. Other brands of USB to Serial Adapters that are comparable in quality, compatibility and reliability, such as Keyspan's are being sold by many audio visual manufacturers for at least $40-$50. Compatible with all Serial PDA's This is also compatible with all PDA cradles or cables that use a serial connector. Easy SetupS232 Setup is quick and easy. Just plug it in, pop in the driver disk, and be done within a minute or two. USB to RS232 What's included

1) A USB-to-serial adapter generally requires a driver to be installed, either available from disk or download. Once that is done, the adapter should be seen with an assigned COM port in Windows Device Manager.2) Assuming that the driver assigned the USB-to-serial converter a PC COM port number other than 1 or 2, as an example, we'll assume that most of the time COM4 is assigned. (You can check this assignment in Device Manager under Ports, COM and LPT.)In DSLaunch, under Utilities, the last selection is DS500.INI. (In older versions, DS400.INI or DS300.INI may be used. Any of these files would be located in the main C:/WINDOWS or C:/WINNT directory.) Double click on that, and when it opens in a text editor, drag the scroll bar about half-way down to the section where you'll see:COM1ENABLE = 1COM2ENABLE = 1COM3ENABLE = 0COM4ENABLE = 0.....Change the setting to equal 1 for any port you want to use, (COM4ENABLE, in this case,) and save the file. Close DSLaunch and Directsoft (both), (and LookoutDirect and DSData, should you have them open,) and re-open so they can read the changed INI file. COM 4 should now be available for creating a link. Do this accordingly for COM 3 through 8. If the assigned number is higher, it usually means that the system is not really using that COM port number, and it can be re-assigned in the port Properties to a lower number, such as 4. (2 and 3 are often assigned as the default for a modem, and should be checked before being used as the re-assignment number.) 3) Some USB adapters are known to have problems with our software, specifically Targus or Quatech. (See application note AN-DS-002.pdf, page 4.)


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